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The Math EZ™ Camp


The Math EZ™ Camp (8-12) is an Academic Camp that prepares the middle & high school student for the year ahead in Math. Be it Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, II, III & IV, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus or Probability & Statistics, the Math EZ Camp, consisting about 160 academic hours, will cover an entire year of the appropriate level the student is at. The course is intense, but it thoroughly prepares the student for the coming year, placing them ahead of their class!

The English Builder & Grammar Grabbers: "EGG™ Camp"


The English Builder & Grammar Grabbers: “EGG™ Camp”(8-12) is an excellent camp for middle & high schoolers who want to improve their English Language skills to meet college expectations. The EGG Camp is not limited to just writing and reading. but also vocab building, critical thinking, exposure to world literature, and other related areas.

Little Dragons™ Day Camp


Little Dragons™ Day Camp (2&3) The “Dragon” Camp, as we lovingly called it, is a friendly and fun camp for entering 2nd and 3rd graders. It is dedicated to inspire these vibrant and active 2nd and 3rd graders to enjoy reading, writing and math through innovative teaching methods and a passionately developed, challenging curriculum.

Edu-Gators™ Day Camp


Edu-Gators™ Day Camp(K&1) This is designed for the most adorable youngsters of our camp. They are fun-filled two weeks sessions featuring L’ttle Reader Gator, Big Croc Spelling, Scott Foresman-Addsion Wesley Math Program, Gator Story-time, Fun N Play, and more…

The Math EZ™ & EGG™ COMBO


The Math EZ™ & EGG™ COMBO (middle school) This unique camp is designed with the middle schooler in mind. It is a combination of an intense program in English and Math. Classes are split according to their appropriate skill-level groups. The camp prepares entering 6th & 7th graders for middle school success.

  • News Release

    American Advanced Academy has been selected for the 2012 Best of Northern California Award in the Private & Parochial Schools category by the U.S. Commerce Assn.

  • Whiz-Kids Homework Center

    Fun-Filled Trips / Team Building Activities / Team Competitions / Chess Tournaments / Water Olympics / Celebrity Cooking / Public Speaking / Brain games and more…

  • Camp Leadership Training

    SUPERKIDS™ Talented Youth Camp 2015 – Leadership Team as Camp Team Leaders (CTL) & Camp Team Leaders in Training (CTLT) and Camp Brigades.

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